Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Last Tear of The Night

I sit down to pen a millimeter away from the paper..all well set in my mind to put it all on paper..
My head is all saturated..but nothing comes out..nothing on paper..I try so hard..I want it all to drain away..drain away thru my pen..on the paper but nothing comes out..its all clogged up in my brain..
At 30,000 feet above the ground when all fades away, I still remember you..I see you standing out of my window dancing ur eyebrows and a naughty smile on ur face.. I try not to think abt all that..all the memories we have had..but the more i try the more they hit me back..I let the tears roll down promising myself that this will be the last one of the night..
Each n every second of my life reminds me of u..I want it all to disappear in the clouds surrounding me..
I assure myself again n again that someday i'll have new thoughts in my memories to cherish but this letting-to-go is killing me..!!
Sometimes a flash of hope comes that maybe..maybe someday..But then reality settles in that this time its forever..I have to let go..let go of it all..and a tear rolls down..the another "last one" of the night....