Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A box of memories..

A box made of memories..
Locked inside are gems..
All different shapes..
All different sizes..
Each has its own value..
Each has its own passion..
All seven of them..
The seven rainbows of her life..
She counts them at every sight..
Assures herself every night..
That all of them are locked inside the box..
Kept safe from the world..
Whatever happens, no one can ever take away her gems..
Each day she looks at each of them..
Marvels them..touches them..remembers them..
She knows that she cannot have them anymore..
She cannot gather any new..
All she can do is to live the rest of her life marvelling what she has..
Remembering even the finest of the details..
She'll hold onto them forever..
Her box of memories..
Her box of life........


Mtaram said...

nice work...
its too touchy...
is it ur original thought?

blueberry said...