Thursday, May 28, 2009

Butterfly Flutterby!!

This onez for u..
Thanks for alwz being there for me.. :)

By the riverside, near the small stream,
That was were we sat and had a dream,
Dream in our eye that one day we would fly,
And past the stream one day, we would flutter by.

With our little wings, we started our new journey,
To enwrap the world in our own sweet honey,
Three years back, yes, that was when it started,
A voyage that would in future leave us both torn hearted.

As the wind kept us back from moving ahead,
We would drag each other and not let anyone of us stop instead,
In the sunshine, our wings would glow up like a rainbow,
We moved on unaware that coming up next was a black shadow.

Small ponds we had crossed earlier without getting harmed,
But this stream was big and we were not well armed,
Thinking of the stream to be as harmless as the ponds,
We continued to move on with the stream of which we had become so fond.

A day in the month of April when the sky was all clear,
Suddenly came a gust of wind which shook our wings with fear,
Our little wings which used to be shining and bright,
Now was left alone to face this fearful sight.

With torn and battered wings we hoped to cross another mile,
Wiping each other's tears and reminding each other of that cute smile,
"This is not the end" is what we would remind each other,
There would be more memories again that we would gather.

So what this time we couldnt cross the stream,
Hope is still in our hearts and we havnt stopped our dream,
One day there would be another riverside where we would fly,
And past the stream once again we would flutter by.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Little Poem.. :)

Little is the pain,
A little everday,
Little is the sunshine,
Which could keep me gay.

Little are my tears,
A little every night,
Maybe little was my love,
Too little to hold you tight.

Little was your care,
Too little for my heart,
Little I should have known,
Right from the start.

A little bit strong,
Just a little weak,
Little bit a happiness,
I wish i could sneak.

I feel a little lost,
Little bit astray,
A little bit of me,
Dies everyday.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I dont feel!!

I feel like filth
I feel like dirt
I feel like rotten eggs
Shreaks unheard

I feel like a rag
Used and thrown away
Like a naked dandelion
Petals of which the wind blew away

I feel all black
So red from inside
Like the dead fishes
Lying on the sea side

I feel so numb
All dead from inside
Like a tasteless dish
One would quietly put aside

I feel so blank
I feel so weak
Like an unwanted child
Not able to speak

I feel like dead
Like a deer hunted
Like a tear shed
Like a life unwanted

The pain I have
You will never know
Its deep inside
And I will never show

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maybe someday....

To God I wish everyday,
That you will come and look my way.
This is for what I cry in dismay,
That you will come back maybe someday.

I make a wish everynight to all the stars,
To keep you happy, be where ever you are.
For myself I wish to just one little star,
To take away my pains and heal all my scars.

In the darkness everynight I cry on my bed,
To take my life and give me death instead.
My heart bleeds with the colour so red,
I am like a tree with leaves all shed.

In my room at the corner, everyday I weep,
For the love gone, the heart I wanted to keep.
I still cry and cant put myself to sleep,
For the seeds I had sown, I am the one to reap.

Myself I curse to have said you those words,
After which you left me, with my agonies unheard.
How I wish I could take back, those dark black words,
And bring you back to my own lovely pink world.

Sometimes we say, things we did not intend,
For, in you I trust, and this is not a pretend.
In grief, a hand to you once again I extend,
Dont disown it, for this time my life may then just end.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will you come back?

There was a time when i had u,
That was the time when i called u mine,
Those were the days when u held me,
Those were the days I would always shine.

Those moments of ecstasy,
Moments of true love,
Moments when we had each other,
Moments i wish i could just hold.

The first time you held my hand,
The first time we kissed,
our first walk together,
The movie show we nearly missed.

The day in the month of April,
The day of that sweet November,
The days when we were us,
Everyday of the month with you I remember.

The first gift that I still cherish,
The seven colours that I gathered,
After which i lost the count,
That was the love you gave me unbound.

Racing against the wind we would move,
Racing against time,
Catching each glipmse of fantasy,
Each second that I would call mine.

I had a dream in my eyes
I thought I had the right on you,
Cant tell you how it feels,
When now u say i dont matter to you.

I wish i could remove that hatred which you have in your heart,
The heart which was once mine,
Which no longer beats for me.

I want to tell you,
You are everything for me,
If only you could come back,
to hear what I speak.

I wish u could come back,
Maybe just to say goodbye,
Maybe the last hug u could give,
With a small little sigh.

I wish I hadnt let you go,
The day we last met,
Those last few words of urs,
How can I ever forget.

Just turn around and you will see,
How i still wait for you,
I wish I could make a new start,
But only if the person were still be you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

U made ME..

You made me laugh..
You made me cry..
You made me sad..i wonder why..

You made me dance..
You made me sing..
You made me wonder what my life could bring..

You made me love..
You made me hate..
You made me marvel at my fate..

You made me giggle..
You made me dream..
You made me wake up with a scream..

You made me complete..
You made me lonely..
You made me dream that i was the only..

You made me strong..
You made me weak..
You made me reach that wonderful peak..

You came in my life..
Like a beautiful song..
With trust in ur eyes that u'll be all along..

You gave me life..
Then snatched it away..
And left me all alone on my way..

I try to reach out..
To stop u from going..
But i am still and u went moving..

My life has stood still..
The day u left me..
My heart in my hand n me on my knee..

Now that ur gone..
I wonder why u came..
All that happened, I am the only one to blame..

Nothing has changed from the day u were gone..
I still wait for u with a hope in each song..

My heart still pounds at each phone ring..
Hoping that it would be ur voice again that it would bring..

I want u to know how much i truly luvd..
It is for u that i write..
Only u that i ever luvd..

With tears in my eyes..
I try to sleep again..
Now only sleep can take away all my pain..


i wish i could go back..
go back to the time when i had u..
i wish i could explain..
i wish u would listen..
i wish i could talk..
or maybe just hold on..

i cant let go..
cant let go of those memories..
n all those giggles..
cant let go of it at all..
coz they help me to live..
they help me survive..
they make me over come my all new frights..

u were my shell..
my only hope to live..
i wish u could come back..
and be with me to give..

dont leave me like this..
dont leave me with shattered dreams..
dont leave me in pain..
suffocating in my own screams..

every night i cry..
these tears dont stop..
the night doesnt end..
the pain wouldnt go..
even if my life ends..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

She died the day she was born..

Fairyland they say..very far far away..
Born on a beautiful night..where with the wind she swayed..

She bloomed like a flower..protected in his hands..
Lovely she became..on that strange fairyland..

Discovering her own beauties..she was lost in her dreams..
Little did she know..that she would drown in her own screams..

He would shelter her every night..
Loved her at every sight..

From beneath the shelter she emerged..
With him she would only get submerged..

She was blossoming like she had never thought..
All the obstacles on her way she fought..

To be near him..
To be with him..
Was the only way she knew to live..
All that she had..she was to give..

She knew nothing of the world around her..
All she felt..was like a feather..

Feather in his hands was all that she could feel..
There was no wound that he couldnt heal..

She was all bright n glowing..
Unaware of what beneath her was growing..

He came to touch her one fine day..
But her thorn pricked him on his way..

Fire in his eyes..he stood up tall..
How could she do that..she is so small..!!

So little in front of him she became..
Head bent down with all the shame..

Furious with anger..he came with a plough..
Started digging kill her somehow..

She cried for help..for some mercy..
But he was determined and had no mercy..

Finally she gave up..and it was all gone..
Still pretty she laid..but died the day she was born..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Do I have to give you a name??

That little curly haired girl comes in my dream every night..
No matter how hard I try to shoo her away n tell her that there is no place for her..
She doesnt listens..
She wants to come to me..
She wants to stay with me..
What do tell her..??
What do I say to her..??
Why dont you go away kid..??
Nobody wants you here..
You dont matter to anyone..
Just go away n let me be at peace..
Let me be with myself..
Let me sleep.