Monday, May 18, 2009


i wish i could go back..
go back to the time when i had u..
i wish i could explain..
i wish u would listen..
i wish i could talk..
or maybe just hold on..

i cant let go..
cant let go of those memories..
n all those giggles..
cant let go of it at all..
coz they help me to live..
they help me survive..
they make me over come my all new frights..

u were my shell..
my only hope to live..
i wish u could come back..
and be with me to give..

dont leave me like this..
dont leave me with shattered dreams..
dont leave me in pain..
suffocating in my own screams..

every night i cry..
these tears dont stop..
the night doesnt end..
the pain wouldnt go..
even if my life ends..

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Paresh Hatkar said...

why is this one UNTITLED..???