Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Maybe someday....

To God I wish everyday,
That you will come and look my way.
This is for what I cry in dismay,
That you will come back maybe someday.

I make a wish everynight to all the stars,
To keep you happy, be where ever you are.
For myself I wish to just one little star,
To take away my pains and heal all my scars.

In the darkness everynight I cry on my bed,
To take my life and give me death instead.
My heart bleeds with the colour so red,
I am like a tree with leaves all shed.

In my room at the corner, everyday I weep,
For the love gone, the heart I wanted to keep.
I still cry and cant put myself to sleep,
For the seeds I had sown, I am the one to reap.

Myself I curse to have said you those words,
After which you left me, with my agonies unheard.
How I wish I could take back, those dark black words,
And bring you back to my own lovely pink world.

Sometimes we say, things we did not intend,
For, in you I trust, and this is not a pretend.
In grief, a hand to you once again I extend,
Dont disown it, for this time my life may then just end.


fish said...
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Pursuit of Nothingness! said...

Agony beautified!

Paresh Hatkar said...

Hey this one's the best..
but y so 'pain' in this one..??
u been thru all these things..??

Ramya.. said...

No paresh..this is all my imagination.. :)

vineeta said...

very good poem...but dont feel so much pain for unreal world...that shines is not alwaz gold...