Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Will you come back?

There was a time when i had u,
That was the time when i called u mine,
Those were the days when u held me,
Those were the days I would always shine.

Those moments of ecstasy,
Moments of true love,
Moments when we had each other,
Moments i wish i could just hold.

The first time you held my hand,
The first time we kissed,
our first walk together,
The movie show we nearly missed.

The day in the month of April,
The day of that sweet November,
The days when we were us,
Everyday of the month with you I remember.

The first gift that I still cherish,
The seven colours that I gathered,
After which i lost the count,
That was the love you gave me unbound.

Racing against the wind we would move,
Racing against time,
Catching each glipmse of fantasy,
Each second that I would call mine.

I had a dream in my eyes
I thought I had the right on you,
Cant tell you how it feels,
When now u say i dont matter to you.

I wish i could remove that hatred which you have in your heart,
The heart which was once mine,
Which no longer beats for me.

I want to tell you,
You are everything for me,
If only you could come back,
to hear what I speak.

I wish u could come back,
Maybe just to say goodbye,
Maybe the last hug u could give,
With a small little sigh.

I wish I hadnt let you go,
The day we last met,
Those last few words of urs,
How can I ever forget.

Just turn around and you will see,
How i still wait for you,
I wish I could make a new start,
But only if the person were still be you.

1 comment:

Tanvee Nadkarni said...

i love this one, its beautiful, and i can totally understand how it feels when you write something like this