Thursday, May 21, 2009

I dont feel!!

I feel like filth
I feel like dirt
I feel like rotten eggs
Shreaks unheard

I feel like a rag
Used and thrown away
Like a naked dandelion
Petals of which the wind blew away

I feel all black
So red from inside
Like the dead fishes
Lying on the sea side

I feel so numb
All dead from inside
Like a tasteless dish
One would quietly put aside

I feel so blank
I feel so weak
Like an unwanted child
Not able to speak

I feel like dead
Like a deer hunted
Like a tear shed
Like a life unwanted

The pain I have
You will never know
Its deep inside
And I will never show


divi said...

such a irony dear... the name of the poem is i don't feel... but u feel so much...

Tanvee Nadkarni said...

this one is tooo depressing for me to handle

Looney said...

The author seems to carry a lot of pain and ectasy within. There seems to be on ocean whirling inside, waiting for something to calm it down.
Some negatvity seems to have crept into the author. The unwanted child can feel wanted if he speaks his heart out. The ocean can't calm down itself, it needs shores to do so.