Thursday, May 28, 2009

Butterfly Flutterby!!

This onez for u..
Thanks for alwz being there for me.. :)

By the riverside, near the small stream,
That was were we sat and had a dream,
Dream in our eye that one day we would fly,
And past the stream one day, we would flutter by.

With our little wings, we started our new journey,
To enwrap the world in our own sweet honey,
Three years back, yes, that was when it started,
A voyage that would in future leave us both torn hearted.

As the wind kept us back from moving ahead,
We would drag each other and not let anyone of us stop instead,
In the sunshine, our wings would glow up like a rainbow,
We moved on unaware that coming up next was a black shadow.

Small ponds we had crossed earlier without getting harmed,
But this stream was big and we were not well armed,
Thinking of the stream to be as harmless as the ponds,
We continued to move on with the stream of which we had become so fond.

A day in the month of April when the sky was all clear,
Suddenly came a gust of wind which shook our wings with fear,
Our little wings which used to be shining and bright,
Now was left alone to face this fearful sight.

With torn and battered wings we hoped to cross another mile,
Wiping each other's tears and reminding each other of that cute smile,
"This is not the end" is what we would remind each other,
There would be more memories again that we would gather.

So what this time we couldnt cross the stream,
Hope is still in our hearts and we havnt stopped our dream,
One day there would be another riverside where we would fly,
And past the stream once again we would flutter by.


Tanvee Nadkarni said...

this one is very beautiful..wish i could write like this

Pursuit of Nothingness! said...

this one is for us....yipeeee!!!

hope is still there and somebody has said it is the best thing in the hasn't died..and we wouldn't let it die!

Pursuit of Nothingness! said...

this is and this is same...would change the name soon:P
see again optimistic...:)

Looney said...

The butterlies seems to share a great bonding.
sharing those moments, strengthening each others wings, wiping each others tears. flying and dreaming together....
Sounds very chaste and pure.
I wish the butterflies sore greater heights TOGETHER.

anchal said...

oye rimi
excellent man
jst fabulous

Arc said...
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Arc said...

u r amazo Ramya....great work of poetry....