Friday, June 26, 2009

Fir se..

Fir se jeene ki chah mein udd chala ye mann..
Fir se tamannao ki raah pe chalne ko machal utha ye mann..
Na jaane kabse adhoori aas liye baitha tha ye mann..
Unn aashaon ko samet ke ab aage badh chala ye mann..

Palakon pe ab tak aasuon ke bojh se bhari tha ye mann..
Ab aankhon mein nayi tarang se khush hoke naach utha ye mann..
Nayi raah pe umang se daudne ko chahta hai ab ye mann..

Hawaon mein ab ek nayi si leher nazar aati hai..
Dhoop mein bhi ek bhini si taazgi dil ko chho jaati hai..

Na darr lagta pathrili raah pe chalne se mujhe..
Na darr lagta akeli raaton me mujhe..

Ek naya sa insaan jaaga hai aaj mujhme..
Ek nayi si roshni nazar aayi hai tujhme...

My first attempt to write something in hindi.. :P


Awakened by the silence,
I find myself surrounded by loneliness,
I stare into nowhere,
Blinded by no thoughts,
Darkness soothes me,
Silence hums to me,
All I feel is numbness,
All I hear is quietness,
All I can see is nothing,
Just a burden on my soul,
Burden of hurting you,
I seek no forgiveness,
I desire no love,
I need no care,
I want no want,
I slip into solitude,
Solitude of eternal peace..

Forlorn Hope..

Still strangled by the memories, I watch u leave..
U look so calm, so much at peace..
There is a turmoil in my heart..
How can you be so quite, when your love is at cease..

You taught me how to love..
but not how to stop..
I feel all drenched..
In these painful raindrops..

You broke my heart..
Tore it into pieces..
But what amazes me is that..
I still love you with all the little pieces..

I can’t let you go..
I don’t understand a thing..
I thought you needed my love..
You were my everything..

You didn’t say a word..
But slowly you walked away..
I wish I could reason..
Why you didn’t want to stay..

I wish I could ask you..
I wish u could explain..
Why in my heart..
There is hope that still remains..

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Dollhouse

Twenty years back, when I was only six
I had a little dollhouse with colors green n yellow mix

It had a little door and two windows which opened wide

And a cute little bed which was neatly kept inside

The walls of the house were painted green by my father

Though the color pink I had preferred rather

It had a little terrace with a staircase going through it as well

A perfect place where my Barbie doll would merrily dwell

Like a sunflower my house was bright and sunny

And from inside it was painted soft orange, cute and cozy

It had a little kitchen with real pan and stove

And in the dinner was only served warmth and love

The sheets were made of red passion and the curtains were the green care

A perfect house in dreams which u will find nowhere

My Barbie and my ken were truly madly in love

And they lived in that dollhouse which only u find in heaven above

Each day my story would end in an "happily ever after"

It was my world and I was the sculptor

Twenty years back when I was only six

I believed in my dollhouse and its yellow golden bricks

I believed in kitchen of love, I believed in what I had crafted

I believed in each and every wall which my father had painted

Twenty years hence now when I am grown up
Life is not always like what you set up

The sunny yellow hurts my eyes, the red sheet is all blood

And the curtain is turned green by the algae flood

The walls of the house now haunts me

The same walls to which I was attached so deeply

The Day I Died

He searched for me in his lost memories
He tried to remember my sweet fragrance
He looked at the things I had touched
He craved for me in his loneliness
He wandered here and there in search of my voice
He hoped for just a small glance of mine
He wished for a glimpse of my smile
He desired the last touch of my skin
He longed for my warmth

I could see him suffering
I could see him in pain
I could see his tears
I could hear his sobs
I could hear his cries

That was the day he realized
That was the day when I died

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I know I dont know..

I know I have never been the best..
But we did find each other in our own love quest..
I know I am not at all understanding..
But still we found each other ever so loving..

I know I behave childish at times..
But when we were together, our sorrows would just sublime..
I know at times I irritate you a lot..
But together we did dream of tying that heavenly knot..

I know I have repeated my mistakes time and again..
But still each other's arm, we could not refrain..
I know what hurts you the most are my words..
But when together we were the bestest of the best lovebirds..

I know there have been times when I have over reacted..
But in each other's company we never knew where the time drifted..
I know every time I have broken my promise..
But still no chance of loving we would miss..

I know many a times I have been very annoying..
But still we loved to lie with each other in the lights slowly dimming..
I know I blamed you for things so unreasonable..
But together we made a very cute couple..

I know I have disappointed you at several places..
But you would still accept me with all my fusses..
I know I say sorry after the same repeated mistakes..
But you would still hold me after my one of those quakes..

I know I always say that u never love me..
But with you I can be myself, ever so clumsy..
I know I always blame you for things you never did..
But its only u I can lean back in confusion amid..

I know I always want my own way..
But we promised for staying together till our hair turned grey..
I know that I say I know everything..
But without each other around there is something in life missing..

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The way u make me feel special when I am near
With you by my side, I know  everything will be alright
When you are with me I have no fear
I know my future with you is all bright

When you a wipe the sorrows off my face
My heart skips a pound
Ur cuddle seems to be the perfect place
Every time we are together, my joy knows no bound

No matter how bad things are
You always make them better
You know what to me you are
Only you can make me brighter

I love the way you touch me
Love the way u hold me tight
I love the way u kiss me
I could be with u all night

I just want you to know
That  though we sometimes fight
I will always love you
No matter what day or night

An 'Angel'

With the flower fairies near the blueberry bush she sang
Her songs of love to which a Lilly sprang
Dressed in white like a fairy she flowed
Above her head a pale halo glowed

When the sun was out, bright and shining
She would adorn a beautiful smile every morning
Enwrapped each day in a new fragrance
Love and care were her true essence

On her toes like a ballerina she would dance
Little squirrels would come out just to have a glance
Loving, caring and an all-forgiving, she was an angel
But nobody knew what hid behind that pretty damsel

Sparkling eyes, innocence on her face
In the name of a women, she was a disgrace
Nobody realized her darker side
That she was an evil devil in disguise

As the dawn would slowly set in
Her fangs would come out and so would the craving
And when the night would finally come
Her wicked acts would slowly hum

What most she loved was tearing little hearts apart
When one would finish, she would tear another from the start
Night after night she would create a new zombie
She was a beast trapped inside a beauty

Blood spilling out and ripped hearts scattered on the ground
Changed the color to red of her own white gown
She would play in the ocean of blood all night long
And slowly sing that sweet paralyzing song

When the first golden ray of dawn would break
With a tear in an eye again she would wake
How did this all happen was what she wondered
With pain she whimpered as if herself tortured

She pretended that her own wounds had turned her gown red
“This is my own blood!” she would shout with each tear shed
With her hues and cries she gathered all the squirrels’ sympathy
Unaware of the truth they despised the deed so ghastly

In the corner she would weep, for the love gone, for the heart lost
But once again prepared to rip another heart at any cost
Washing her blood stained gown in the river
She stood up with promises of new songs and an eye with a glitter

The birds believed her, the rabbits loved her
To them, the pain of their fairy had made her much fairer
Little did they know the evil deeds of their fairy
Except the little hearts who had died down in agony

So this was the story of a women so fake
Who would do absolutely anything for her own sake
A ruthless beauty as u can see
She was called “la belle dame sans merci”

Friday, June 5, 2009

Always a mistake..

Every thing I do is for you..
Every step I take is in a hope to get closer to you..
Every second of my thoughts is filled with you..

Every tear from my eye falls down in your memory..
Every thing I touch seems to die down in agony..
Every ray of hope seems to black out by the sky so cloudy..

Every word I say is always a mistake..
Every time i try harder is for ur sake..
Every feeling of mine is but considered a fake..
Every sentence of mine I wish a change in it I could make..

Every thing I do takes me away from you..
Every act of mine hurts you..
I dunno where to go..
I dunno what to do..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Somethings never change..

Somethings never change..

Like the hug of ur mother when u go back home..
Or like the scolding of ur father when u dont wake up early in the morning..
Like the stories of ur sister when u two meet afer a long time at home..
Or like the same particular smell your house has year after year..

Like how ur quilt always seem to be shrinking short to reveal ur toes in a winter morning..
Or like how ur mouth still waters at that familiar chicken curry ur mom makes at home..
Like how your mummy's sabzi n daal still have the same taste even afer 26 years..
Or like how that old anchar (pickle) u once loved always finds its way to ur neighbor aunty’s house..!!

Like the red brick wall of your school which still seems to be of the same shade red..
Or like the still under construction temple of your college which started when you joined college some 7 years back..!!
Like that carpentry work shop in your college which reminds you of your engineering days..
Or like the PMC (Piya Milan Chauraha) which still seems to be occupied with a whole new set of ‘piyas’ n their loves..!!

Like that "kamini"s "kutti"s u hear when u meet ur bestest frnds..
Or like how you would discuss with your friends that wish u could go back to the old times..
Like how u would sometimes wish that you could see 2 year future of your life to know exactly where you would be..
Or like how everyone around you seems to be getting promoted except you..!!

Like the nostaligia u feel when u read ur old slam book..
Or like that smell of the yellow paper of the novel u once read..
Like how ur tongue turns purple when u eat jamun..
Or like how automatically ur hand goes to touch the pimple everyone says not to touch..!!

Like how u still fall asleep when u are going thru a study book..
Or like how u can wake up the entire night to talk to the one u love..
Like how every other face seems to be resembling your love..
Or like how impossible it is to not to include him in everything u write..!!

Like how definitely it would rain when you wear an ultra see through dress..!!
Or like how definitely your boss would come early only at the same day when you 'by chance' late for office..
Like how impossible it is to stop a pimple coming out on the very particular party night..
Or like when u meet an old class mate and after exchanging 'Hi's 'Hello's 'how are?'s you would go..shit man! What was her/his name..?!!

These small things of life..
brings a smile on my face when i think about it..
These feelings would remain the same year after year..


Somethings in life never change..

Everything else does!!

No, not anymore..!!

Sometimes I feel I want to evaporate..
Or amidst the misty fields simply just fade..

Sometimes I wish I was standing in rain..
So that no one could see that I was crying in pain..

I had been living like this, thinking of it to be the only world..
But now I want to cross the hill and reach out to a whole new world..

I cant anymore bear the suffocating breathe inside..
I want to kill those memories and become more alive..

There is no feeling now, only numbness all around..
No voices I can hear, not even a sound..

I no longer feel my wounds, not at all, not even a bit..
Maybe the pain has subsided or I have become used to it..

Its now been enough that I have tried..
Time has come to dry the tears that I have cried..

Its the time now to bring back that lost smile..
For which alone I have to walk yet another mile..


I'll do that whatever it takes..
Even if it means to give my heart a few more aches..


I dont want to reach out anymore..
I dont want to cry anymore..

I dont want to reach out anymore..
I dont want to cry anymore..