Thursday, June 4, 2009

Somethings never change..

Somethings never change..

Like the hug of ur mother when u go back home..
Or like the scolding of ur father when u dont wake up early in the morning..
Like the stories of ur sister when u two meet afer a long time at home..
Or like the same particular smell your house has year after year..

Like how ur quilt always seem to be shrinking short to reveal ur toes in a winter morning..
Or like how ur mouth still waters at that familiar chicken curry ur mom makes at home..
Like how your mummy's sabzi n daal still have the same taste even afer 26 years..
Or like how that old anchar (pickle) u once loved always finds its way to ur neighbor aunty’s house..!!

Like the red brick wall of your school which still seems to be of the same shade red..
Or like the still under construction temple of your college which started when you joined college some 7 years back..!!
Like that carpentry work shop in your college which reminds you of your engineering days..
Or like the PMC (Piya Milan Chauraha) which still seems to be occupied with a whole new set of ‘piyas’ n their loves..!!

Like that "kamini"s "kutti"s u hear when u meet ur bestest frnds..
Or like how you would discuss with your friends that wish u could go back to the old times..
Like how u would sometimes wish that you could see 2 year future of your life to know exactly where you would be..
Or like how everyone around you seems to be getting promoted except you..!!

Like the nostaligia u feel when u read ur old slam book..
Or like that smell of the yellow paper of the novel u once read..
Like how ur tongue turns purple when u eat jamun..
Or like how automatically ur hand goes to touch the pimple everyone says not to touch..!!

Like how u still fall asleep when u are going thru a study book..
Or like how u can wake up the entire night to talk to the one u love..
Like how every other face seems to be resembling your love..
Or like how impossible it is to not to include him in everything u write..!!

Like how definitely it would rain when you wear an ultra see through dress..!!
Or like how definitely your boss would come early only at the same day when you 'by chance' late for office..
Like how impossible it is to stop a pimple coming out on the very particular party night..
Or like when u meet an old class mate and after exchanging 'Hi's 'Hello's 'how are?'s you would go..shit man! What was her/his name..?!!

These small things of life..
brings a smile on my face when i think about it..
These feelings would remain the same year after year..


Somethings in life never change..

Everything else does!!


Tanvee Nadkarni said...

:) I agree somethings never change

vineeta said...

good going down the mamory lane...
with a life full of loss n gain
with some sorrow and some pain

apurva said...

wid a home comin kubhkaran name....eeaahhhhh hhahhahhaa...:P