Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I know I dont know..

I know I have never been the best..
But we did find each other in our own love quest..
I know I am not at all understanding..
But still we found each other ever so loving..

I know I behave childish at times..
But when we were together, our sorrows would just sublime..
I know at times I irritate you a lot..
But together we did dream of tying that heavenly knot..

I know I have repeated my mistakes time and again..
But still each other's arm, we could not refrain..
I know what hurts you the most are my words..
But when together we were the bestest of the best lovebirds..

I know there have been times when I have over reacted..
But in each other's company we never knew where the time drifted..
I know every time I have broken my promise..
But still no chance of loving we would miss..

I know many a times I have been very annoying..
But still we loved to lie with each other in the lights slowly dimming..
I know I blamed you for things so unreasonable..
But together we made a very cute couple..

I know I have disappointed you at several places..
But you would still accept me with all my fusses..
I know I say sorry after the same repeated mistakes..
But you would still hold me after my one of those quakes..

I know I always say that u never love me..
But with you I can be myself, ever so clumsy..
I know I always blame you for things you never did..
But its only u I can lean back in confusion amid..

I know I always want my own way..
But we promised for staying together till our hair turned grey..
I know that I say I know everything..
But without each other around there is something in life missing..


Arc said...

Someone's lucky here......beautifully written....nd guess wat I m a bigggg....fannnn of urs

pappu said...

This is one of the best poem i have ever read ..
You have portrayed the feeling of love so beautifully ..

Each and every line of this poem feels so pure and real..