Friday, June 26, 2009

Forlorn Hope..

Still strangled by the memories, I watch u leave..
U look so calm, so much at peace..
There is a turmoil in my heart..
How can you be so quite, when your love is at cease..

You taught me how to love..
but not how to stop..
I feel all drenched..
In these painful raindrops..

You broke my heart..
Tore it into pieces..
But what amazes me is that..
I still love you with all the little pieces..

I can’t let you go..
I don’t understand a thing..
I thought you needed my love..
You were my everything..

You didn’t say a word..
But slowly you walked away..
I wish I could reason..
Why you didn’t want to stay..

I wish I could ask you..
I wish u could explain..
Why in my heart..
There is hope that still remains..

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