Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An 'Angel'

With the flower fairies near the blueberry bush she sang
Her songs of love to which a Lilly sprang
Dressed in white like a fairy she flowed
Above her head a pale halo glowed

When the sun was out, bright and shining
She would adorn a beautiful smile every morning
Enwrapped each day in a new fragrance
Love and care were her true essence

On her toes like a ballerina she would dance
Little squirrels would come out just to have a glance
Loving, caring and an all-forgiving, she was an angel
But nobody knew what hid behind that pretty damsel

Sparkling eyes, innocence on her face
In the name of a women, she was a disgrace
Nobody realized her darker side
That she was an evil devil in disguise

As the dawn would slowly set in
Her fangs would come out and so would the craving
And when the night would finally come
Her wicked acts would slowly hum

What most she loved was tearing little hearts apart
When one would finish, she would tear another from the start
Night after night she would create a new zombie
She was a beast trapped inside a beauty

Blood spilling out and ripped hearts scattered on the ground
Changed the color to red of her own white gown
She would play in the ocean of blood all night long
And slowly sing that sweet paralyzing song

When the first golden ray of dawn would break
With a tear in an eye again she would wake
How did this all happen was what she wondered
With pain she whimpered as if herself tortured

She pretended that her own wounds had turned her gown red
“This is my own blood!” she would shout with each tear shed
With her hues and cries she gathered all the squirrels’ sympathy
Unaware of the truth they despised the deed so ghastly

In the corner she would weep, for the love gone, for the heart lost
But once again prepared to rip another heart at any cost
Washing her blood stained gown in the river
She stood up with promises of new songs and an eye with a glitter

The birds believed her, the rabbits loved her
To them, the pain of their fairy had made her much fairer
Little did they know the evil deeds of their fairy
Except the little hearts who had died down in agony

So this was the story of a women so fake
Who would do absolutely anything for her own sake
A ruthless beauty as u can see
She was called “la belle dame sans merci”


Arc said...

one of the most amazing piece of creativity i have ever read.....U r truly a great writer....
keep up the great work....

divi said...

hey... this is was so diff frm wat u right... abstract... and awesome... :)

devil said...

amazin imagination.....

Tanvee Nadkarni said...

I loved this, I actually went and read 'la belle dame sans merci' and you work connected to it just perfect.