Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Dollhouse

Twenty years back, when I was only six
I had a little dollhouse with colors green n yellow mix

It had a little door and two windows which opened wide

And a cute little bed which was neatly kept inside

The walls of the house were painted green by my father

Though the color pink I had preferred rather

It had a little terrace with a staircase going through it as well

A perfect place where my Barbie doll would merrily dwell

Like a sunflower my house was bright and sunny

And from inside it was painted soft orange, cute and cozy

It had a little kitchen with real pan and stove

And in the dinner was only served warmth and love

The sheets were made of red passion and the curtains were the green care

A perfect house in dreams which u will find nowhere

My Barbie and my ken were truly madly in love

And they lived in that dollhouse which only u find in heaven above

Each day my story would end in an "happily ever after"

It was my world and I was the sculptor

Twenty years back when I was only six

I believed in my dollhouse and its yellow golden bricks

I believed in kitchen of love, I believed in what I had crafted

I believed in each and every wall which my father had painted

Twenty years hence now when I am grown up
Life is not always like what you set up

The sunny yellow hurts my eyes, the red sheet is all blood

And the curtain is turned green by the algae flood

The walls of the house now haunts me

The same walls to which I was attached so deeply

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