Thursday, May 14, 2009

She died the day she was born..

Fairyland they say..very far far away..
Born on a beautiful night..where with the wind she swayed..

She bloomed like a flower..protected in his hands..
Lovely she became..on that strange fairyland..

Discovering her own beauties..she was lost in her dreams..
Little did she know..that she would drown in her own screams..

He would shelter her every night..
Loved her at every sight..

From beneath the shelter she emerged..
With him she would only get submerged..

She was blossoming like she had never thought..
All the obstacles on her way she fought..

To be near him..
To be with him..
Was the only way she knew to live..
All that she had..she was to give..

She knew nothing of the world around her..
All she felt..was like a feather..

Feather in his hands was all that she could feel..
There was no wound that he couldnt heal..

She was all bright n glowing..
Unaware of what beneath her was growing..

He came to touch her one fine day..
But her thorn pricked him on his way..

Fire in his eyes..he stood up tall..
How could she do that..she is so small..!!

So little in front of him she became..
Head bent down with all the shame..

Furious with anger..he came with a plough..
Started digging kill her somehow..

She cried for help..for some mercy..
But he was determined and had no mercy..

Finally she gave up..and it was all gone..
Still pretty she laid..but died the day she was born..


anchal said...

dis is wat i'm hving for u

Tanvee Nadkarni said...

this would make a wonderful epilogue for the book twilight, have you read it?