Monday, May 18, 2009

U made ME..

You made me laugh..
You made me cry..
You made me sad..i wonder why..

You made me dance..
You made me sing..
You made me wonder what my life could bring..

You made me love..
You made me hate..
You made me marvel at my fate..

You made me giggle..
You made me dream..
You made me wake up with a scream..

You made me complete..
You made me lonely..
You made me dream that i was the only..

You made me strong..
You made me weak..
You made me reach that wonderful peak..

You came in my life..
Like a beautiful song..
With trust in ur eyes that u'll be all along..

You gave me life..
Then snatched it away..
And left me all alone on my way..

I try to reach out..
To stop u from going..
But i am still and u went moving..

My life has stood still..
The day u left me..
My heart in my hand n me on my knee..

Now that ur gone..
I wonder why u came..
All that happened, I am the only one to blame..

Nothing has changed from the day u were gone..
I still wait for u with a hope in each song..

My heart still pounds at each phone ring..
Hoping that it would be ur voice again that it would bring..

I want u to know how much i truly luvd..
It is for u that i write..
Only u that i ever luvd..

With tears in my eyes..
I try to sleep again..
Now only sleep can take away all my pain..


divi said...

wow... this is too good gurl... u made me cry...

pappu said...

Very touching...