Saturday, September 19, 2009


Dont ask me how..dont ask me why...
there are these days..
these moments when i want to go quite..
No, I am not thinking about anythng..
m not introspecting anything..
these are just moments when I am blank..
No thought comes into my mind..
I like to stare into space at times..
At times I like to just see the fan rotating..
I stare into the blank wall..
Stop questioning me..
coz m actually not thinking about anything..
nor my past nor my future..
The expression on my face has got nothing to do whats inside my heart or my mind..
i might look worried..
But m not..
M just plain expressive..
I express alot..
I express too little..
but that does not mean I am expressing whats inside me..
It can be just anything..
dont relate..
I suffer from mood swings..
I dont blame you..
its me..
Let me be myself..
I get hurt but i recover too..
i move on..
Move on for better..
at times m difficult..
Sometimes difficult for myself too..
A day I might be super active..
Full of energy and thoughts..
But at certain days I like to go numb..
Its just me..
I have different facets..
If you cant take one..leave it..
I never ask anyone to stay..
At times I need people around me..
At times I dont..
At times I dont get what I want..
At times I get exactly what I was looking for..
There are certain instances where u would not understand me..
So what! I never asked u to!
To some m rude..
To others m kind..
To some m intelligent..
To some m dumb..
Its all me!

At times I write crap..
just like this post..
These thoughts do not relate..
Dont try to relate them either..

In the end, its all about me..
But I am because of you..
And again I say, dont relate..
There is nothing to understand in this..

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