Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Bridge

I thot I wud fall..
I thot I wud die..
I felt I cud not feel..
I saw I could not see..
That was the end..
I was standing on the edge..
I had nowhere to go..
I could see the other side..
I didnt kno how to reach..
It was foggy dream..
Everything dark..
Everything gloomy..

Then You came..
Dunno from where..
Dunno how..
I found the bridge..
I found my way through..
I felt it again..
I could see all..

This was different..
This was forever..
With you I am me..
With you I am as I could never be..
Its not madness..
Its not ecstasy..
Its peace..
Its serenity..
Its all what I ever wanted it to be..

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