Friday, July 24, 2009

Through a window..

A beam of light streaming through my window. As a kid I used to get fascinated by the sight. Particles dancing in the ray of light. I would make whirlpools, i would make them dance, I would play with them, i would make stories, I played with myself..
I would enter their world, wanted to become a part of them, I would dance with them, wanted to fly with them.
I tried to catch the particles..I was fascinated to see them escape every time I tried to get hold of them. The naughty little particles wouldnt come in my hand! I tried very hard, wanted to catch them in my hands..I would trap them in a jar, collect them in a box..but everyday I got dissappointement..they would just disappear..!!
I was strucked with illusion..I did not realize that they did not exist..I was trying to capture somthing which did not even exist.........

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