Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unlikely Alike..!!

She was big and I was small..
I was short and she was tall..

We met when we were only thirteen..
And since then without her a day has never been..

She was large and I was the size 'S'..
She is the gem that I truly possess..

She was strong, like a rough bratt..
I was tiny, like a meeky shy cat..

She was a tomboy, ever ready to protest..
And she would tease me as I pretended to be a delicate princess..

I made a giggle and she would laugh out loud..
I would hesitate and she dared to do things not allowed..

She made friends and would be the leader of the gang..
And I would happily follow the friendship song she sang..

It doesnt stop here, the story still continues..
Now I'll tell you what happens when it came to moody blues..

Like a baby she would cry with eyes all red..
And I would be the one consoling her but not a single tear shed..

When it came to guys, she was shy like a new bride..
Then I would be her mentor, her very own 'guy guide'..!

Then one day the tomboy found her own place..
To the snowland she flew with all her new grace..

I miss the laugh we had together, I miss all those fun..
But a new phase of life has to start and for you it has already begun..

You will always be in my heart, a 'forever friend' in you I see..
You are my best friend, truly special to me..

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Anchal said...

pyar aaraha hai tumpe padh ke
gud work
maza agay padh ke