Saturday, July 4, 2009

U kno wat..I love you alot..!!

The way u look at me in my eyes,
Sends a shiver down my spine.
The way u touch me with ur smile,
Hand in hand i can walk with u a hundred mile.

When u say that u love me,
I become more like u and less like me.
When ur lips touches mine,
I feel like I have been dipped in wine!

The warmth of ur presence, the cuteness of ur grin,
Puts all my desires in a spin.
And when u r by my side,
My ecstasy i cannot hide.

When u cuddle me in ur arms,
And give me all ur presence warmth,
I feel as if ur arms r my only world,
No other place i would ever be safe.

I love to see ur sleepy eyes,
Love to touch ur small nose,
In ur face i see a true love,
Who would take me over the skies above.

Dont ever leave me or i'll simply die,
By a sea side some day together we would lie.
We will see ourselves grow old together,
Thinking about this my heart feels like a feather.

And u kno wat..i love u alot..!!


divi said...

This is amazing sweetheart... U beat urself with each post... :)

Shilpi said...

Its mazing Ramya...there is a sort of sensation when i read took me to my heaven...n feel him.

Anchal said...

very sensuous....
flawless creation
nw i can understand wat is luv and pain of being separated from love